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Reasons for uneven installation of aluminium fastener

发表时间:2019-01-15 00:00

Aluminum clasp plate after installation appears uneven, mainly in the gap is relatively large, plate and plate have high or low, concave, sagging, the main reasons for this situation are as follows.

First, choose the aluminum fastener too thin. If the plate is larger, such as 600 * 600, choose a thinner plate will appear after the installation of the plate surface is not even, mainly sagging more serious.

Secondly, problems arise in the processing of aluminium clasps. Especially in the process of die pressing, there are problems in the die of aluminium fastener plate, which results in the non-standard specification of aluminium fastener plate. In this way, after installation, there will also be uneven plate, mainly the gap is larger, there are high and low.

Thirdly, when installing the aluminium button plate carelessly, it will cause the deformation of the aluminium button plate, which will result in large gap and irregular position of edges and edges.

Fourthly, the aluminium clasp plate is damaged in transportation. After flattening, if the installation is continued, the problem will be more serious.

Tel: 0539-8645168 Address: Bancheng Town, Linyi City, Shandong Province
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