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Cautions for Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows in Coastal Areas

发表时间:2019-01-15 00:00

Because of the large amount of saline and alkali in the wind and rain in coastal areas, some areas have clean sea sand which has not been desalinated and treated, and the corrosion of aluminium alloy doors and windows is serious, which should be paid special attention to. In addition to the above procedures, the following procedures shall be strictly followed:

1. Aluminum doors and windows transported to the site shall be placed in a well-ventilated, dry-bathed and clean warehouse.

2. The height of the sleeper surface at the place of placement should be > 100 mm, and each stack should not exceed 15 moulds (fans). Soft materials should be used to pad the surface between each moulds (fans) in order to prevent crushing and friction between aluminium alloy and metal parts from destroying the protective film on the profile surface.

3. Doors and windows must have drip lines, and should be inspected before installation. Because the rainwater flowing through the wall made of sea sand is very corrosive, it must be prevented.

4. Installation of iron sheet should adopt card type to minimize the amount of processing damage to the protective layer of aluminium alloy.

5. The joint of aluminium alloy profile is sealed with neutral glue to prevent rainwater from entering the inner cavity without protective layer. Experience has shown that corrosion usually begins in a cavity without a protective layer.

6. After the interior and exterior decoration is completed. Remove protective tape and clean doors and windows. Do not clean doors and windows with corrosive liquids or hard objects to avoid damaging the surface paint film.

7. Important tips:

1) Aluminum is a kind of active metal, and the damage of protective layer is not anti-corrosion. Flat guys are prone to occur, and they should be properly described to protect the surface of profiles.

2) Water is the source of corrosion. Rainwater should be prevented from entering the inner cavity of aluminium alloy profile which has no anti-corrosion ability.

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