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Technical Problems in the Production of Dual-color Aluminum Profiles

发表时间:2019-01-15 00:00

I. Production Mode of Double-color Aluminum Profiles

The so-called double-color aluminium profile refers to the surface of aluminium profile with the same function, which is treated into two colors on different surfaces. There are two main production modes of double-color aluminium profiles, i.e. combination type and film-sticking type. The so-called combination type means that the aluminium profile with the same function is composed of more than two sections. First, the aluminium profile is produced separately, then inserted and assembled, and finally processed into two-color aluminium profile by sawing and other processing methods. The so-called film-sticking type is to process two colors on the aluminium profile with the same function. When spraying paint, one part must be covered by film-sticking and the other part must be sprayed in order to obtain two colors. This paper focuses on the production process of spray-coated aluminium profiles.


(1) Different colors can be selected according to different environments, different requirements, different architectural features and different aesthetic views.

(2) The product quality is demanded to be high, and every working procedure in the production process should be strictly checked.

(3) Dual-color aluminium profiles, high-grade products, beautiful and generous, favored by consumers.

(4) Dual-color aluminium profiles are easy to produce and can be assembled freely.

III. Production of Dual-color Aluminum Profiles

1. Production process

The production process of double-color aluminium profile is as follows: degreasing, chromizing, drying, upper row, painting, solidification, lower row, inspection, framing, coating, upper row, painting, tearing film, solidification, lower row, inspection and packaging.

2. Several problems to be noticed in the production process

(1) Choose film with moderate viscosity. In the production of double-color aluminium profiles, the key is to choose the suitable film. If the viscosity of the film is too low, it will not stick, and the film will fall off easily, which brings considerable difficulty to spraying. The viscosity of the film is too high, which indicates that there are more glues on the film. When the film is torn off, it is easy to stick the glue on the profile, which affects the surface quality of the profile. On the other hand, when choosing coating, as far as possible, the composition of the glue is the same or close to that of the paint, which can reduce the influence on the color of the paint film.

(2) Choose the appropriate width and thickness of the film. Because of the complex cross-section shape, wide and narrow outer surface of aluminium profile, it is easy to blow up the flying edge, reduce the covering ability of the film, and affect the quality of spraying.

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